Albuquerque tells classical short stories.

The new boy executes the most perfect cannonball of all time in the pool and disappears without trace. An owl heals the fears of a bus driver. In Albuquerque, an old soccer coach waits for a hip replacement. Amateur radio operator Muffe is beaten up. And while Budde works in the cold storage room of a meat factory, it begins to snow.

Florian Wacker tells classical short stories in the tradition of American writers such as William Faulkner or Richard Yates. On a direct way, Wacker gives his characters a veritable voice, which can be sad, serious, political and humorous.


  • Longlist Hot List 2014 – Best books from independent publisher houses
  • 14 Short stories
  • 160 pages
  • Hardcover in cloth binding
  • mairisch Verlag
  • ISBN 978-3-938539-32-3

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